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Patient Centered Care: Building Our Practice Around You

Posted on December 9, 2021by Matrika Johnson, Blog

Scenario One: You walk into your reproductive endocrinologist’s office and are greeted with a blank stare and a monotone voice. You hear: “Last name?” You oblige, not even met in the eye. You make your way through each stage of your visit experiencing the same dull energy from check in to check out. You leave with your needs met, but nothing more.

Scenario Two: You walk into your reproductive endocrinologist’s office and are greeted by, not one, but two enthusiastic patient service coordinators who address you by name before you even get to the check-in desk. You are then escorted by a medical assistant to the intake room and then the exam room to meet with your doctor. Upon entering the room, the doctor knows exactly who you are and why you’re here. Later that day you receive a personal call from a nurse to discuss your blood work and next steps. In this scenario, your needs were met, and you felt cared for; the staff exceeded your expectations.

Which scenario would you choose?

Certainly, scenario two sounds more appealing and enjoyable – especially considering the personal, emotional experience that is fertility. However, finding a practice like the second one can be difficult. As an infertility patient myself, I know the kind of experience that would make me feel comfortable and cared for. I truly believe everyone deserves a unique care plan. That is why I decided to open a practice that intends to embody the meaning of patient centered care.

When I founded Reproductive Specialists of the Carolinas, I made it my mission to treat each patient with the individualized care needed to start a family. We strive for advanced treatment paths rooted in superior clinical success rates and a compassionate, comprehensive patient experience. Infertility can be overwhelming, so we take a personalized approach to patient care.

If everything you have read sounds like it would make your fertility journey even the slightest bit easier, give us a call to set up a new patient consultation today. We would love for you to become a part of our RSC family.