Gestational Carrier

A gestational carrier is a woman who carries and delivers a baby for another couple or individual. For couples or individuals who cannot carry a pregnancy to term, a gestational carrier presents a solution. The gestational carrier is involved with the prospective parents-to-be, also referred to as the “intended parents” from the start of the process. After the baby is born, the intended parents become the legal guardians of the baby.

Candidates for Gestational Carrier

  • Same sex couples
  • Single men or women
  • Women with uterine abnormalities or no uterus at all
  • Women who are unable to safely carry a pregnancy to term

Finding the Right Gestational Carrier

We work with agencies that help couples and individuals identify and select gestational carriers. Here’s who we recommend:

Surrogate Vs. Gestational Carrier

There is an important difference between a surrogate and a gestational carrier. A surrogate uses her own egg as part of the fertilization process, meaning the child is biologically her own. A gestational carrier uses the egg from another woman, resulting in no genetic connection between carrier and baby.

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